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.Saturday, Feb. 8 2014 :: 8P-4A : 21+
. Chicago, U.S.A. – EarthCome One, Come All!! Cleverpillar and YOU present THE GREATEST SPECTACLE ON EARTH!!!!…. The metamorphosis of you and me into we ♥. When the beautifully chaotic pageant that comprises each of our lives come together into one spectacularly interwoven and vibrant circle of family, we achieve COMMUNION. O;) Radical inclusion has afforded our community the ability to interact and commune with the most beautiful array of kind, creative, vibrantly talented souls ever . Always willing to share, collaborate and help at every turn…This selfless sharing of effort, skills and philosophy allows each of us to step into our truest nature…More talented, kind, luminous…ABLE. The vast and varied results of these high level interactions between human beings is the theme of this and every COMMUNION. O;) In COMMUNIONS past we have explored the “elements” we all share in common. As our “family” comes full “circle” we celebrate how all these common factors create a veritable circus of such uniquely diverse individuals. This gathering will feature artists and performers in myriads of mediums and disciplines working together to create a very particular and wondrous circus experience ;o).. Join us this Sat. Feb. 8th as we all bring COMMUNION 2.6 – CiRCuS FaMiLiaS into being!!! SEEYA THERE ANGELS O;)



~ HEXES (Teenage Riot Records)
Puffs Baggswelle (Cleverpillar, RUFFMusic)
~ JEEKOOS (Party Time Society, WNUR)
~ Radiohiro (Hookahdome BRC, The Freakeasy)
~ Duke Shin (Bad Advice Inc., REFRACT)
~ Organic Groove Continuum(The Freakeasy)
~ RyOt (Cleverpillar)
~ Riverman (JUNGLE JUNGLE)
~ Striz (illmeasures, The Freakeasy)
~ LoveBot (Cleverpillar, IMAGO) live p.a.
~ Searchl1te (Party Time Society, WNUR)
~ Twonwreck (FRAMEWERK, Morning Train)


^ Shorty Belle – Aerial Technician
Donkeyboy - is the CiRCuS!¡!¡! – Unicycling juggle madness
^ Cheshire Reväl - She’s up, She’s Down, She’s all around
> Loki Avero – Object Manipulation
> Ammunition – Watch out for sparks ;)
> Perk-U-Lator – Human Light Show
> Jared Lyons
^ Thomas Hill – Aerobatic master
> Sarah E. Sparkles – Hoop Prodigy
> Ellie Sororkin – Ambidextrous sorcery


() SLANG – Living Legend
() ANODE – Hyperdimensional Shaman
() Curtis Jensen – Spiritual Journeyman
() Iris Iris Pasic – Sees Beyond
() Mathew Shultz – Off to see the Wizard
() Stephen Somers – Reality Remix
() Kieth Brownlee – Urban Guru
() Erik Stenberg -
() Chris Berg – Craymazeballs barely starts to desribe it


” IMAGO Collective – Sacredly Geomtetric D.J. Booth collaboration

- Interactive Performance stage!!!
- Bass Swing Vibrexperience!!!!

” Cleverpillar Creators Collective – Mothership Connection O;)

” Nebulon Media (Video Mapping, Lights,and friggin Lasers!)

” Twonlite – resonant frequency wizard


** Nicole Davis (Body/Energy work)

** Dina Beans – Green Fairies Hideaway (Medicinal Tea House & Absynthe Emporium)

** John Sacelli – ANGELYNX Card readings

** Mr. Vibe – Palmistry


<> K.G.B.
>< Beardy Van De Kolk
<> Archduke Ian Von Zappington the Third

“What’s this!?” you say, “I get to share an amazing experience and help my wondrous community at the same time?”


All Proceeds from this event will be donated to Ian Bennett to be used as building material at Anode H.Q. a communal maker space created for us by us to aid in the continual advancement of our vibrantly creative community O:).

Sooo much more to come SEEYA THERE ANGELS O;)…

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMUNION is a concept that fosters radical inclusion, community participation and free expression. When we commune, we are limited only by what we can imagine. Lets come together on SATURDAY, FEB. 8, 2012 to let loose and inspire each other to broaden our horizons.


The event will be in a Westside Chicago neighborhood with access to 24hr public transportation and about 10 minutes from the expressway. Carpooling is Highly recommended O;) Complete Event Info including Location & Directions will be emailed after ticket purchase, on the day of the event.


Tickets now available at midnight 01/23/2014 at WePay https://www.wepay.com/events/communion-2.6-circus-familias



COMMUNION 3.2 – Of Our Imagination


COMMUNION 3.2 – Of Our Imagination

com·mun·ion [kuh-myoon-yuhn]
1.the act of sharing, or holding in common; participation.

1.the joining together of minds and spirits

Welcome home..Immerse your “self” in the amorphous globule of energy that is the Cleverpillar Creators Collective . Play and interact with over 30 artists of world class calibre. Learn how to paint by watching the masters, take an easy lesson, then try it for yourself on our interactive mural. You can even be the canvas! Receive soul guidance and have your cards read by the Oracle. Dance among amazing circus performers to the sounds of 13 different master turntablists…Laying grooves from the past, present and future. After all that take a cozy swing and feel the music in our Bass Bed. We are limited only by what we can IMAGINE. Let’s come together at FIGMENT and broaden our HORIZONS. We are so grateful to COMMUNE with you!!! Seeya There O;)….
Donating time and talent will be

Ian Bennett – Anode Design
Slang – The originator, graffiti legend
Emily Jane
Peter Missing – NYC, Missing Foundation
Keith Brownlee – Kayaart.com
A.J. Tarzian – Interactive mural
Aimee Lin Rausch
Curtis Jensen
Gordon Kummel – Bass Bed
Xavier Saint Death Wolf

Suzanne Anderson (poi)
Brian Bearden (poi, etc)
Fox Jesse (object manipulation, various awesomeness)
Loki Averro (rope dart, club manipulation)
Emily Jane Perkulator (hoopz)
Megan Markovich (hoopz, poi)
Cheshire Reval (anything you can imagine)

** MUSIC **
Slippery Pete – RUFF Music,Cleverpillar
Duke Shin – Bad Advice Bears, Primary
Brian Gardner – Soul Foundation Records
Edamame – Cleverpillar
Brenda D. – Soul Foundation Records
Todd Mariana – Deep Grooves Mastering
Tommy Ruffingers – RUFF Music,Cleverpillar
Jevon Jackson – Soul Foundation
sami – Cleverpillar

Human Works of Art
Maribel Dinwiddie
Isaiah DaProphet
Renee Bennett

** ORACLE **
Jessica Mic Colangelo

With Many More

Join the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/141693222700312/


Soul Foundations 7th Annual Beat Down & Label Launch Party

Soul Foundation & Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub Present Our
7th Annual Beat Down & Soul Foundation Recordings Label Launch Party During DEMFFeaturing..2DG
Brenda D
Brian G
Frankie Vega
Jake Reif
Mystic Bill
Nate Manic
Ryan TSOP Jury
Stephen Yates
Todd Mariana
Tommy Ruffingers21 & UP
Vinyl & CD GiveawaysMore Info at:


Been A Factor

Been A FActor

Your Friends at Cleverpillar and Transamoeba invite you to come together on Friday May,17th 2013 to enjoy the friends, music, performance and artistry that have Been A Factor in the transformation of our dreams into our lives and realities.When we come together we can reshape our reality.We turn life’s setbacks into experiences that become a Driving Force in our growth as human beings. Proceeds from Been A Factor will assist in replacing gear stolen during a car-jacking while driving in Costa Rica this year. We feel that replacing some of this gear is the best way to thank these individuals for their constant selfless efforts to help our community grow. This one is gonna be good… Seeya there Angels O;)

**Soundwave Slingers**

- Ry0t . Cleverpillar
- JEEKOOS . Party Time Society . WNUR
- Tommy Ruffingers . Cleverpillar . RUFF Music . Soul Foundation
- cthulhu . Illuminatus . Four Circles . Madison, Wi.
- Joncatt . Cleverpillar
- Searchl1te . Party Time Society . WNUR
- Jevon Jackson . Soul Foundation
- Roman Borochin . Club Divine

**Leaping Twisting Springers**

- Cheshire Reval . Aerial Silks, Hoop
- Shorty Belle . Aerial Silks
- Night Magic Designs . Jedi Flow
- Andrea Matteson . hoops

**Paint Flingers**

- Slang . http://www.slangism.com/
- Ian Bennett . http://anodedesign.com/
- Curtis Jensen . https://www.facebook.com/curtis.jensen.98

**Light Bringers**

- Camp Davis Visuals . Projection Mapping

**Magic Fingers**

- Nicole M. Davis . massage therapy
- Mr. Vibes . palm reading . handwriting analysis

Photography by KGB – Jen’ka Pechen’ka

Tickets available here:

+++++++++++++++ WELCOME HOME +++++++++++++++

Been A Factor is a concept that fosters radical inclusion, community participation and free expression… When we commune we are limited only by what we can imagine. Lets come together on FRIDAY, MAY 17TH, 2013 To let loose and inspire each other to broaden our horizons.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/323579974436029/


The end of the world draws nigh with a collaboration between Cleverpillar, the Freakeasy, and Catalyst!



FreakinCleverCatEco presents…

La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012

The Freakeasy:Cleverpillar:
Catalyst presents…
La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012 :
Dec 21 – 23, 2012, 40 hour apocalyptic event!

On Friday December 21st thru Sunday December 23rd your friends and family at The Freakeasy, TransCatEco, and Cleverpillar invite you to witness and celebrate a cycle 5,122 years in the making: The completion of the Mayan calendar.

Who better to spend 2 days of apocalyptic madness with than your favorite Burning Man Camps and Crews! That’s right, the apocalypse is upon us and multiple Chicago and Detroit Burner crews have teamed up together to ride it out in ‘full on’ style. Teams of playa peeps have been working around the clock for weeks to completely transform the Catalyst Collective space on Chicago’s Wes Side.

This 40 hour event is unprecedented on its’ scale and style here in Chicago… from the top sound, video, music and burlesque anywhere, all the way to the the lavish rooms of lush decor, acoustic daytime performances, top end Fire performances at night, all inclusive delicious food in the daytime, and amazeball Art. Yes… we are crazy!

The “La Fin du Monde:Fallout Shelter 2012″ line-ups and major art installs are completely off the charts and we want you to come and get down with us as we BLAST our way right through the apocalypse! This announcement includes Friday and Saturday line-ups so you can get a grip on this huge event!

We’ve created 3 different ways that you can join us for this EPIC moment in time. Save money by getting your tickets in advance!
1. You can purchase a discounted Friday thru Sunday Weekend Pass for $40, which gets you all sorts of mad performances and situations on Saturday daytime … including meals.
2 & 3. Just Friday Night or Saturday Night “single night” tickets for $25 per night. Either way, let’s all blow this shit up together!

La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012
Solstice Friday and Saturday, December 21st and 22nd
Starting Friday 9 p.m.
Ending Sunday 9 a.m.
Catalyst Collective Space
West Side Chicago
21 & over / No BYOB
40 hour straight event
Limited tickets available now at: www.resonatechicago.net

La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012
Music Line-Up Friday and Saturday night:

**Friday Night Line-Up

Environmental Encroachment
Mr. Gene Hunt
Justin Reed
Puffs Baggswelle
Adrienne Sanchez
Electro-Romantic – Live
Good Evening – Live

-La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012
*Friday Night Tribal Performance, Burlesque, Cabaret and Fire:*
Dakini Circus
Night Magic Designs Troop – Fire
Taylor Krasne – Aerial Acrobat – Hand Balancing
Miss Highwire – Twisted Intentions Productions
Prabvi Gualoa
Feral Minette
Shorty Belle
Jessica Mic Colangelo
Cheshire Reval – Aerial Acrobat
Meghan Sane – Aerial Silks

**Saturday Night Line-Up

Mr. “Surprise Guest” DJ (UK)
Mr. Gene Hunt
MC Zulu w. Selekta L’Freak
Puffs Baggswelle
Duke Shin
Brian G. & Brenda D
Justin Reed
Nate Manic
Intercom (Evol – Detroit)
Jana Blue
Jevon Jackson
Organic Groove Continuum
Hi Q
Roman Boro
Merrick Brown

-La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012-
*Saturday Night Tribal Performance, Burlesque, Cabaret & Fire:*
Dakini Circus – Detroit
Jenne Nordgren – Burlesque
Night Magic Designs Troop – Fire
Taylor Krasne – Hand balancing
Miss Highwire – Twisted Intentions Productions
Kyle Ford – Pyrotechnique
Shorty Belle – Aerial Acrobat
Tom Hill – Aerial Acrobat
Jessica Mic Colangelo
Cheshire Reval – Aerial Acrobat
Meghan Sane – Aerial Silks
Ben X
Prabvi Gualoa
Nicole Davis – Body Work
Roman Boro – Body Work

La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012
Stage, Sound, Video, Lighting, and Decor

Funktion One sound- SI
Turbo Sound – Twonl1te
Cleverpillar – all sorts of stuff
Merkaba Visuals
Galina Shevchenko – Live video
Davis McCarty – Video Mapping Sculpture
Simplistik Visuals
Shudder Inc. – Live Video
Fred Hahn – The Freakeasy Bar
Steve Casica – Intelligent Lighting
The Freakeasy – all sorts of stuff
Brett Owsley – Stage Management
Liz Campanella – Mayan Room Performance Curation

La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012
Weekend: Live Art, Art Installs and Participants

Cafe at the End of the Universe – by Edible Alchemy Kitchens
Smoothie Operator
Blue Lotus tea house
Catalyst Collective
Yva Neal Designs
Anode Designs
Global Village Productions (UK)
EBPP – Flowers
Leila Ryndak
Junicorn Sparkles – Body Painting
Zac Franzoni
Iris Iris Pasic
Anna Todaro
Curtis Jensen
Mindfield – Interactive Video Installs
Freakeasy Bar
Arize Kombucha
Mr. Vibe – Palm Reading
John Sacelli – Angellynx
The End Of The Womb Room – by FreakinCleverCatEco
Transamoeba Silkscreening

La Fin du Monde :: FALLOUT SHELTER 2012
Saturday Dec 22, Daytime Events (weekend pass tickets only)

Cafe at the end of the Universe – by Edible Alchemy Kitchens
Whiskey, Waffles and Whip Cream Feast
DJ Papa Roads – Irie Dub Vibes
Wink N Wendy – Live Music – Maui
Ben X – Live Music
Nicole Davis – Massage Therapy
Terry Jacobus – Spoken Word
Colin Breen – Spoken Word
Kelly Strycker – Saturday Hoop Jam
Yoga Sessions – Deitrich McGaffey
AcroYoga Chicago
Jodie Arañas – Spoken Word
The End Of The Womb Room Movie Sessions
Turbo’s Dinner Diner
John Sacelli – Angelynx
Jamie Rowen – Saturday Yoga class – Berkley CA
Open mic and Piano Bar.

Line-Up additions and updates daily at:


“La Fin du Monde” and what this apocalyptic event means to many of us:

In our lives we are all connected by cycles. From every breath we take, waking and sleeping, rebirth, evolution, shifting of the seasons, to the passing of time. Cycles dictate every detail of our lives and unite us with every aspect of the universe. As is the microcosm so is the macrocosm…

Theories about what will happen during this cosmic alignment vary as widely as our individual personalities. On Dec. 21st -23rd our family will come together just to see what happens O;) …whether the world collapses into a fiery ball, we pass into the next stage of evolution, or even if it is just another day, we will pass through it together.

This kind of collaboration and multi-day indoor event is a first for all of us, and promises to be an unforgettable experience!! Let’s come together for La Fin du Monde (The End of the World) for a once-in-a-hundred life times cycle completion…Seeya There Angels O;)

Ask First : Respect Community : Leave No Trace : Dress To Kill

Limited tickets available now at: www.resonatechicago.net

This event is produced by The Freakeasy, Cleverpillar, Catalyst Collective, and lotsa BADASS artists and volunteers! Burners Unite!




This weekend 2 great events with Cleverpillar …


That’s right Cleverpillar will have it’s own stage at this weekends Sacred Earth Festival….

Sacred Earth Open Air 2012
June 1st-3rd :: Black River Falls, WIThe Chilluminati & Psymbolic present a multi-day open air camping festival brought to life with consciousness, harmony and mind-expanding: music, visuals, art, fire, workshops + more!Featuring: International, Regional & Local Performing Artists, Psychedelic Trance, Contemporary Electronica, Incredible Art & Installations, Momentous Music, Synchronous Realtime VJing, Immersive Visual Environments, Projection Mapping, New Media Art, Environmental Decor, Circus Spectacle, Fire Dancing, Live Painting, Performance Art, Visionary Healing Arts ++ Transformational Workshops focused on Social, Spiritual and Technological Awareness.Transformational Workshop Topics: Psychedelic Potluck Picnic, Intentional Living in a Turbulent Time, Laughter Therapy, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Beginners Pilates, Edible Medicinal Plant Walk, Fire Performance & Safety, Flow Toy Fun, Ableton Live Music Performance Techniques, DJing & Turntablism, Music Production Q&A + more!Sacred Earth is created to be a Cosmic Condensate in which our Music, Motion, Light and Love form a sacred structure in Space and Time… a microcosmic celebration of the Infinite.We invite all to come dance, relax, and explore the wonder under the sun, moon and stars.Get Your Sacred Earth Tickets >> http://www.Psymbolic.com/boxoffice/?Event=Sacred_EarthLIVE MUSIC ACTS:
Dust – Florence, Italy – (Looney-Moon Records)
Foam – Florence, Italy – (Looney-Moon Records)
The Flashbulb – Chicago, IL – (Alphabasic / Psymbolic)
Resonant Dawn – Seattle, WA – (Psymbolic)
Gift Culture – Austin, TX – (Psymbolic)
Artificial Life Preserver – Austin, TX – (Psymbolic)
The Wave Farmers – Austin, TX
Psymmetry – West Coast – (AT Records)
Dixon’s Violin – Detroit, MI
Random – San Francisco, CA – (Full Circle)
Kabayun – Princeton, NJ – (Pixan / 2to6 Records)
Arahat – San Diego, CA – (Psycircle)
Primordial Ooze – WI/IL – (Anti-Shanti)
Shwex – Fort Collins, CO
Alpha Transit – Milwaukee, WI
Outersect – San Francisco, CA – (Beats & Pieces)
Aligning Minds – Asheville, NC – (Beats & Piece)
SkyTree – Everywhere, USA – (Subsynthesis)
sm0ke – Princeton, NJ – (Flappers Records / SYNC)
Indramit Kaur – Madison, WI
Astrolabe – Duluth, MN – (Cosmic EGG)
Dfectv – WI – (Audiognomes / Anomalistic)
Spycht – IA – (Chilluminati)
Suit & Tie Guy – Chillicothe, ILDJ SETS:
Otkun – Morocco – (Zenon Records)
Tim McCall / Jirah – Seattle, WA – (Psymbolic / AT Records)
ATUM – Dallas, TX – (Thump / Astral Tribe / AT Records)
Blue Spectral Monkey – Portland, OR – (Interchill)
DJ NOD – Brixton, UK
Witchdokta – Mendo CA – (Full Circle)
LeoHawk – San Francisco, CA – (MightyQuinn)
Jeto – Los Angeles, CA
HardkorNate – Denver, CO – (Schnerp and Derp)
Hidroponik – San Diego, CA – (Psycircle)
Zita Zie – Chicago, IL – (Chicago TranceFormation)
Ekimskrid – Iowa – (Audiognomes / Anomalistic)
Miss Briana – Portland, OR
Tommy Ruffingers – Chicago, IL – (Cleverpillar)LOCAL & REGIONAL DJs:
Puffs Baggswelle – (Cleverpillar)
Slippery Pete – (Cleverpillar)
Janna Blue – (Independent)
Scatter – (Chilluminati)
Machi – (Chilluminati)
Energon – (Chilluminati)
ProPsyLes – (Chilluminati)
PsychoHazzard – (Chilluminati)
Luminous Samael – (Audiognomes / Anomalistic)
DarkVirus – (Cosmic EGG)
Shai – (Chilluminati)
Strooya & Raja – (Independent)
Koru – (Chilluminati)
Toki – (Audiognomes)
Aktif – (Chilluminati)
Martyrs – (Cosmic EGG)
Caro – (Chilluminati)
Ascension – (Chilluminati)
Global Village – United Kingdom / Chicago, IL – (Psymbolic)
Energon & Koru – Chicago, IL – (Chilluminati)SYNCHRONISTIC VISUAL ART:
Integrated Visions – NYC, NY – (Psymbolic)
PakaPaka Lightshow – Madison, WI – (Psymbolic)

Pyrotechniq – Chicago, IL

++ A 3rd STAGE:
Showcasing Music Performances, Interactive Art & Workshops
hosted by Psymbolic & Cleverpillar

Gates open at NOON on Friday (no registrations can be accepted before that time)
Ages 18+ only (no children per campground policy)

WE PROVIDE: multiple stages of sound and light, 3 days of camping, dancing, swimming and hiking in a beautiful natural environment (rain or shine), running water, bathrooms & hot showers, full vending (including alcohol for those 21+)

YOU PROVIDE: a tent, enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash for food and beverages available for sale)

(firewood can be purchased on-site)

Become part of the community. Help the planet and help us. Pick up after yourself. Leave the site (and our reputation as a community) better than you found it.

Ticket prices will automatically increase over time.
purchase Sacred Earth Open Air tickets sooner than later For Best Prices!

$50-$60 Tickets have Sold Out
Limited $65 Advanced Tickets are Currently Available
then $75 online / $85 gate

Complete event info will be emailed to ticket purchasers the week of the event.
Event proceeds go towards supporting the Arts & Artists.

Advanced Tickets + Event Info:



Firewater Lounge’s Sexy Lakes of Fire Fundraiser


1909 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

    • Saturday, June 2, 2012
    • 11:00pm until 4:30am
  • Come out and help Firewater Lounge stock our bar and propane tanks for Lakes of Fire! We’re throwing down at Katacombs, home of big-ass strong drinks, porn-covered bathrooms, and educational stick figure drawings. Here’s what we’ve got in store:*Pin the Cock on the Porn Star (hosted by MC Moosejaw)
    *Bacon treats
    *Screen printed FWL gearGet your dance on to…
    Ry0t (Cleverpillar, Safety Third)
    Los Hamburgler (Substance, Cleverpillar)
    Duke Shin (Bad Advice)
    …and more TBAFree before midnight, $15 cover after. 100% of the door & FWL merchandise sales will go towards the bar, sound, and fire at the FWL/Cleverpillar village at Lakes of Fire. Thank you in advance for your generous support!~~ )’( ~~


COMMUNION 2.4 Aquamunion Photo Gallery

Here’s a look back at Aquamunion through the eyes of Ordinary Anomaly and David Z. of BrilliantlyMad.




Cleverpillar Talent :

New updates have been added to the TALENT section. DJ, Musicians, Artists, & Performer bio’s are now available for your viewing pleasure. Even sweet Soundcloud links. More bio’s to come.


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